openSAP offers innovative learning for everyone. Here you can learn from SAP experts from all over the world – the materials are available online, anywhere in the world and fully free of charge! This way you can learn anytime, anywhere, whenever you want. We have courses on all kinds of topics like – Bot Building, External Workforce Management, preparation for a Business ByDesign certification, and many more!

What else does openSAP offer?

1. openSAP Microlearning

openSAP Microlearning offers you the opportunity to improve your knowledge – with the help of short, self-contained videos. Whether you are already an expert or just starting out, you can select the videos that best fit your personal learning goals.

2. openSAP Podcasts

Through openSAP podcasts, experts from the SAP ecosystem – SAP employees, partners and customers – share their knowledge and experiences. Choose the topics that interest you personally and stream or download entire episodes with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, or directly from openSAP.

3. SAP Community

SAP Community is a platform for the exchange of information on SAP topics. Ask or answer a question, read or write a blog post – content for and from the SAP community.
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