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Join the #SAPFamily is an initiative of SAP and its partner companies.

We want to give technology enthusiasts the chance to get started in SAP consulting. Even without SAP knowledge or an IT background.

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Facts to
SAP partner ecosystem

22.700+ SAP partner companies are active in 140 countries.

90% The SAP implementation projects are carried out by SAP partners.

94% of the world's largest 500 companies are SAP customers.

87% of all global trading volume is generated by SAP customers.

SAP is the world's largest provider of enterprise applications.


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Join the #SAPFamily is an initiative of SAP and SAP partners. 20+ companies are currently taking part in the initiative. New partners are added regularly and can be found here: Partner.

An SAP consultant helps customers to get to know the SAP software and to use it optimally for the business processes of the specialist departments, for example in accounting, controlling, purchasing, sales, production or human resources. A consultant usually specializes in a specialist area, such as accounting, in which he or she is already well versed. The consultant guides the customer through the standard processes that the SAP software brings with it and records additional requirements. He or she then sets up the software accordingly, tests the various functions together with the customer, helps train the end users and organizes the move from the previous IT system to the SAP solution - this is called migration.

An SAP developer has expertise in SAP programming and plays a crucial role in customizing and extending SAP software for businesses. An SAP developer should have in-depth knowledge of SAP programming, including programming languages such as ABAP or SAPUI5. Understanding of business processes, problem-solving skills and teamwork are also important. An SAP developer supports companies in adapting their SAP systems to their individual needs and integrating them seamlessly with other systems. This improves the efficiency of business processes and enables the implementation of customer-specific requirements.

An SAP project manager takes over the planning and control of SAP projects and is responsible for their successful implementation within the specified budget and time frame. A successful SAP project manager has strong skills in project planning, communication, risk management and team leadership.
In addition, a comprehensive understanding of SAP systems and business processes is essential. The SAP project manager helps ensure that SAP projects are carried out smoothly, goals are achieved and the value of the SAP implementation for the company is maximized. They ensure that projects are completed within the specified limits
parameters are completed.

You already have 2 years of professional experience or more in a corporate function. This could be HR, sales, purchasing, logistics, accounting or something else. If you are also IT-savvy and familiar with one of the processes mentioned above, you have the most important skills. You may also have experience in advising on other topics and may be familiar with products from other market competitors.

Analytical skills, strong communication skills, ability to work in a team, willingness to perform, self-reflection, resilience, flexibility, empathy

Based on your previous knowledge and your focus topic, your new employer will create a training plan for you. You attend SAP training courses or get access to the SAP Learning Hub to complete selected training courses at your own pace. The goal is for you to have completed an SAP certification in your field after 2-4 months.
But you can only really learn SAP in practice. That's why you'll start in your first customer project after just a few weeks and build up your SAP knowledge in on-the-job training. Experienced colleagues who work on the project will help you gradually grow into the role.

If you are a career changer, be accommodating when it comes to your salary. Don't expect to get the same salary as a colleague with proven professional expertise right from the start.
Be prepared for the fact that SAP partner companies will have to invest in your training and that your previous experience will not match the role you want. You will be seen as a beginner in the first six months. You can communicate your understanding of this directly. You have to expect to forego around 15 to 30 percent of your expected salary initially. You can communicate that this initial classification will be lifted after the onboarding period.

As a career changer, you already have previous experience, which we take into account in your onboarding. We will therefore work with you to develop an individual onboarding schedule. The aim of onboarding should be to build on your existing knowledge and to provide you with the specific module knowledge and systems. For this we will use existing training material. In addition, your supervisor and permanent contacts from the project team will be available to you during your induction. In order to implement the theoretical knowledge as quickly as possible, you will start a project promptly and take on smaller tasks - depending on your previous knowledge.

Make one test and answer the questions. If you leave your email address, you can view your result and if the parameters fit, we can contact you and have an initial non-binding introductory conversation with you. Were we able to arouse your interest in the first conversation and do we fit together at first glance? Then send us your CV and we will start the regular application process.

We want to make the getting to know you process as quick as possible. If your profile matches one of the #SAPFamily companies, the responsible colleagues from recruiting will contact you within a week.

We only need your email address. However, so that we can address you better, we would be happy if you provided your name. We can also better assess your initial suitability if you also provide us with your Xing/LinkedIn link.

Participating SAP companies, SAP partners and Brandmonks GmbH have access to your data.

You have the option to have your data deleted at any time if you are no longer interested in the program.
You can do this by sending a message to In your registration email you will also find a link to delete your entries.

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