Become part of the #SAPFamily as an SAP partner company

Are you an SAP partner company and looking for experienced SAP specialists? Then you are exactly right with us.

As you probably know as an SAP partner, SAP is planning cloud growth of 35% over the next 3 years. Over 2,000 SAP partner companies in Germany alone have full order books and need SAP consultants, developers or project managers to implement their projects.

Since 2023, a unique initiative has been launched in cooperation with SAP and some leading SAP partner companies in Germany such as:

Active Business Consult

adesso SE / adesso orange AG

All for One Group SE

Arvato Systems GmbH

Axians ICT Austria GmbH

cbs Corporate Business Solutions GmbH

CNT Management Consulting GmbH

cronos management consultancy GmbH



Nagarro ES

NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

Phoron Consulting GmbH


q.beyond AG

Reply Deutschland SE

SAP Germany GmbH & Co. KG

SNP Group

sympacon TS GmbH

Syntax Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Tycom Digital Services GmbH


WCA Walldorf Consulting GmbH

X1F GmbH


With the mission of today's best talent for the future of the SAP ecosystem
to win.
This initiative is called: Join the #SAPFamily

Who is ours target group and which Skills are we looking for for our community?

We have various talent programs and pools for potential
candidates who are looking for an entry into the SAP world. These initiatives are aimed at
is primarily aimed at career changers who meet the following requirements:


This pool consists of candidates with several years of professional experience and expertise in a company area and is aimed at applicants from the areas of consulting, software development and project management.


The entry-level pool, on the other hand, is aimed at candidates who have just completed their studies or are about to do so and are looking for an entry into the SAP world.

Of course, among the many career changers there are also many experienced SAP specialists who are looking for a cross-industry move and change.

What advantages has it for your company, member of the
Join the #SAPFamilycommunity?

You are part of a diverse network

"Join the #SAPFamily" currently brings together over 20+ partner companies from various industries (and the trend is rising) who are working together to attract the best talent for themselves and their company.

You access a pool of thousands of talents

In our talent pool you will find experts with industry or sector know-how and early talents who have currently completed their studies or are about to do so.

Candidates with SAP certificates

You have access to hundreds of SAP-certified candidates to implement SAP solutions for your SAP cloud transformation.

Community Marketing Opportunities

You carry out joint marketing activities and have the opportunity to present yourself and your interests to a broad audience and use innovative recruiting measures. Our last campaign “Don’t Apply” even won the “New York Festivals TV & Film” Award and shows that we can achieve great things together.

SAP University Alliance

You will take part as a speaker in guest lectures at selected universities in order to make university graduates aware of entering the SAP world at an early stage.

Hacker School

As a community, we are committed to making digital education so inclusive that every young person can program before choosing a career. While this won't pay off immediately, it will certainly pay off in the long run.

Free SAP training & onboarding support

We offer free SAP training programs and onboarding guides for career changers that you hire and support you in integrating them into your projects as quickly as possible.

Community events

We hold joint events to strengthen our community.

Become part of Join the #SAPFamily and get to know our dynamic network
and know top SAP talents.

potential recognize

We are convinced that technical knowledge can be imparted
if candidates can demonstrate the following skills:

Success stories from our respected SAP partners:

We are proud to work with these outstanding companies and look forward to further expanding our partnerships. Together we shape the future and set new standards in our respective industries.

Join the #SAPFamily is an initiative of SAP and SAP partners. 20+ companies are currently taking part in the initiative. New partners are added regularly and can be found here: Partner.

An SAP consultant helps customers to get to know the SAP software and to use it optimally for the business processes of the specialist departments, for example in accounting, controlling, purchasing, sales, production or human resources. A consultant usually specializes in a specialist area, such as accounting, in which he or she is already well versed. The consultant guides the customer through the standard processes that the SAP software brings with it and records additional requirements. He or she then sets up the software accordingly, tests the various functions together with the customer, helps train the end users and organizes the move from the previous IT system to the SAP solution - this is called migration.